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Stormwater Management

When it rains, where does it go and what does it take with it? As stormwater flows over surfaces, it collects pollutants like soil, chemicals, bacteria, leaves and oil. Then carries these to surface water. Pollution in runoff is considered one of the main sources of water pollution.


Stormwater management focuses on keeping pollutants out of stormwater. Residents can reduce pollutants in stormwater by picking up after their pets, not littering, limiting the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and properly disposing of hazardous materials and yard waste.


Here are some tips to keep pollutants out of stormwater!





For more information on properly disposing hazardous waste, see the below link.

Household Hazardous Waste Event | Camden County, NJ

Stormwater Regulations

2023 Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP) 

The Borough of Woodlynne’s Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) reports can be found at:

Ordinances Pertaining to Stormwater

2023-6 Amending Chapter 611 Tree Removal-Replacement 

2023-5 Amending Chapter 555 Stormwalter Salt Storage 

Material Disposal Ordinance 2006-109

Containerized Yard Waste, Yard Waste Collection Amendment Ordinance 2006-15-0001

Containerized Yard Waste, Yard Waste Collection Program Ordinance 2006-15

Illicit Connection Ordinance 2006-14

Improper Disposal of Waste Ordinance 2006-09

Litter Control Ordinance 2006-10

Municipal Stormwater Management Plan Ordinance 7-2007

Pet Waste Ordinance 2006-12

Private Storm Drain Inlet Retrofitting Ordinance 3-2010

Refuse Container Dumpster Ordinance 2-2010

Stormwater Control Ordinance 2006-20

Stormwater Control Ordinance 2021-1 

Wildlife Feeding Ordinance 2006-16

Public Works

               Trash Services


Recycle               -              Mondays

Trash                  -              Wednesdays

Yardwaste          -              Thursdays

                             (April 1st to September 30th)

Leaf Collection  -    October 1st through December 1st

(Rake leaves to curb – NO PLASTIC BAGS )

Snow                   -             To ensure the safety of pedestrians, residents must remove snow from sidewalks following a snow fall. Please remember that children are walking to schools If possible, wait until the Borough trucks have made at least 3 passes on your street before cleaning your driveway.

Shovel and/or blow snow onto the curb, NOT into the street.

  Car Wash Tips

   Solutions to Stomwater Pollution

    Stormwater Education Brochure


  Motor Oil Tips

&     Fertilizer Tips

    Pets WasteTips

Spring-Recycling-Campaign  more....

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