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Woodlynne Mayor Joseph Chukwueke


Mayor Joseph Chukwueke is an accomplished Engineer by profession and a distinguished public servant by heart. He is a devout Christian, a reliable Fire-Fighter and has served the Woodlynne Community for over two decades. Using his Engineering and Project Management skills, Mayor Chukwueke spearheaded the redesign of the Borough entrance/exit ramp and the rehabilitation of the bathroom to make it handicap-friendly for residents. In addition, he was heavily involved in the rehabilitation of the HVAC system in the Log Cabin. In 2007, he became the second African American-elected Councilman in Woodlynne Borough and served as Chairman of Emergency Management for 13-years before deciding to run for the highest office in Woodlynne. In a landslide victory, Joseph Chukwueke showed his wide acceptance by Woodlynne residents who came out in mass to cast their votes. He was sworn into office as the Mayor of Woodlynne on January 6th, 2020. Mayor Joseph Chukwueke is the first African- American Mayor of the Borough of Woodlynne, where he continues to serve his community.

Mayor Joseph Chukwueke is a graduate of Widener University where he obtained his Master’s in Civil Engineering with Minor in Environmental Science.  Mayor Joseph Chukwueke welcomes everyone with open hands into our community and will partner with local, county, State, Federal and the private sector to improve life in our community. Mayor Chukwueke is a member of the Democratic Party and has lived in Woodlynne Borough since 1995. Mayor Joseph Chukwueke is married to Mrs. Catherine Chukwueke and blessed with five adorable children


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