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Woodlynne Police Department


Police County Dispatch

(non-emergency): 856-962-9000

Headquarters: 856-962-8300 Ext. 213

Investigative Unit: 856-962- 8300 Ext. 227

Police Reports and Records: 

856-962-8300 Ext. 214 and 213 

Internal Affairs Unit: 856-962-8300 Ext 213


Woodlynne Police Dept.

2019 Summary Report of Internal Affairs Complaints.

The Attorney General requires that on an annual basis, every law enforcement agancy shall punlish on its website a report 


The mission of the Woodlynne Police Department is to protect, serve and enhance the quality of life of the community.  By working in partnership with the community, we strive to promote public safety and crime prevention through education and enforcement; to maintain public order while preserving the legal rights of all individuals; to provide efficient and courteous service; and to reduce the impact of crime in Woodlynne.


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