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Councilman Clyde E. Cook, originally from St. Albans Queens, New York, moved to New Jersey in 2000 and has been a resident of Woodlynne, N.J. for the past five and half years along with his fiancé, Lakeisha. He is the proud father of eight children, two of whom are currently completing the 10th and 12th grade school year at Collingswood High School District. While his three year old daughter attends a local daycare program here in Woodlynne.


      In 1996 he received his high school diploma from John Bowne High School in

Flushing Queens, New York. He attended The Bible Church of Christ Theological Institute Seminary and Charles H. Mason Theological School, where he received a degree in Evangelism and Theology. In July of 2006, he was ordained as a minister by The Church of God In Christ and in December of 2009, he was ordained as a Pastor by Mt. Calvary Deliverance Outreach Ministries International. 


     Since 2016, Councilman Cook has been employed by the State of New Jersey through Public Partnership and holds a mentoring position with Life Steps LLC., working with children and adults with special needs and disabilities. He is also the Pastor of Better Life Ministries, which is a home based ministry in Woodlynne N.J. He was a former member on the Woodlynne School Board and currently works in the public sector as a Councilman for the Borough of Woodlynne for the past 3 years and is in charge of the Public Buildings and Grounds department. 


     Councilman Cook enjoys being involved within the community, addressing quality of life issues and working closely with Woodlynne residents to provide a voice within the Council and Local government. In addition he is a strong supporter of education and the advocacy for all children. He works hard to bring to the table new ideas and concepts that he believes can make Woodlynne a better place for everyone to visit and live in

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